#1: No Hands

     When the hack is in Play, touching it with the hands is highly discouraged. Usually, any hack that can be touched by the arms can be playable by the feet or legs. The definition preferred by Hackido is the palms are red territory, inside arms are orange, outside hands and outside arms are yellow. It should be a pretty spectacular move to allow even a yellow touch to fly. When an unintentional occurs the group agreement will determine whether or not a foul was committed.

#2: No Self-Serves

     If the hack is no longer in motion it is considered unplayable. The hack can then be picked up with the hand, however, the first throw is a serve to another player. Trick serves are permitted, where a hack is kicked into the circle, only if it is not dropped from the hand. If, however, the server is keeping the hack for a few kicks and not trying to serve it in they may be in violation of rule #2, group determination.

#3: No “Sorry”s

     This is a big one! There is much controversy over this decree. For clarification; it is not the word that matters, it is the vibration. Slang or foreign words that have the same intention as “sorry” are included under this edict. If the meaning is an apology or an admittance of doing something “wrong”, Guilty! – ahhh the paradox!


     To put it simply, the punishment is a bean. The accuser who calls the offense is entitled to throw the hack at the offender. The guilty party must stand facing the punisher eyes open, hands down to the side and legs slightly spread apart, more ballsy!  Flinching, turning, or running away is not permitted due to potential loss of hack or causing a misguided throw that flinching can cause.


I recently talked over the punishment part of Hack with a Playah who was sharing it in a school environment. The bean thing is just not tolerated in our school system. I get it, but it also shows how disconnected we have come from compassion on one end and how silly we have become about "protecting" our children on the other. I still am a firm believer in the rules of Play, but if the Punishment part is too much, it is not necessary, and does not detract from the Play...


.5 Commandment:

"Play with Thyself"