Here’s how!                                                                           

An incentive to learn how to construct a HACKiDO is all that is needed. Making one is relatively easy and once  you have completed one, two is easier, then on to three when the wonderful world of juggling can become part of your repertoire.

As a Disciple or Ambassador of Play

your mission is to encourage Play. Carry a HACKiDO with you whenever possible and practice how to become a benevolent “Hackler”.

Infinite possibilities of self or group Play are literally at your finger tips!


The steps along the path of Play are easy to take. One becomes a Fool of Play by being gifted a HACKiDO. A Disciple of Play involves learning the creation of the HACKiDO and carrying one with you. A Minister of Play has completed the initial training of creating 3 HACKiDOS and has begun acquiring the skill of juggling. A Reverend of Play reminds others to Play as much as possible thru their actions and words. Reverends of Play freely gift sacks to others who join in the Play and can request their own signature HACKiDO design pattern. A complete Fool of Play radiates jollification continually and proliferates Play by instructing others on creation of the HACKiDO!

Ambassadors of Play promote the benefits of Play continually...


The Disciples of Play

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