My goal is to have a World of Play.

My mission is to remind us that Play is our FUNdamental purpose!

The best thing to donate to the cause is your time...

How long can the game continue where we place a value on something as totally ficticious as our monetary system. The injustice of our currency controlled culture is blatant and inexcusable.

How do we get past it? and when???

The Time is now!

Take back our Playground, break down the barriers that divide us; Play and get other's to Play. If that sounds intreging, joi'n dah movement. Learn to create your Ultimate Play Tools, Proliferate Play &  wear the gear that let's people know that you are a playah...

It is time to convert from a taker society to a giver community. The more you give, the more you receive, the more you will be able to journey around this creational experience... The more you love yourself and all that you are the easier it will be to remember all that you are... And you are magnificent!!!

Please contact me if you have any questions / concerns

or just want to pump dah Play!


Donate to the Cause


If you do feel so inclined to help out with some of the Crazy Currency to help out

it would be much appreciated!