When I first started backpacking a friend gave me a hack saying,

“This will be the best gift anyone will ever give you…”

More prophetic words have never been uttered!

As I journeyed around this world honing my hack skills whenever/wherever I pulled out a hack and played someone would inevitably join in.

Even language is no barrier to the draw of the hack.

Fun, outgoing peeps live all over this planet!

The game is simple, the rules fun. The only low impact exercise that has cooperative competition that I have come across.

When the hacking is done, everyone leaves the game stoked.

Plus! the only equipment necessary, the hack,

can be made by virtually anybody.

The field of Play is limitless, just as it should be.

“The perfect game”

A game without a downside, period!

The Hackido movement reminds us of the reason for the creation; Play!

Somehow, in the mess of what we have learned life is all about,

we have forgotten this one simple truth.

After all, if one cannot Play with thyself,

with whom can thee Playeth?

In-joy Our Play!

Who dis Fool?