Why Hackido?

Almost everyone is familiar with the term “Hacky Sack”. But what most people are not aware of is The History of Hacky Sack and that it is a trademark name from the company Wham-o. They own all kindsa names that are associated with games;

Frisbee, Hula Hoop, Boogie Board, just to name a few.

Traditionally, Hacky Sack, or Footbag, is usually played with shoes on. A lot of time is spent developing what is called the “stall”. This is where the sack stops for a time on your body, usually the shoe. Well, that is cool, unless you don’t like to wear shoes much, which I don’t. I also prefer to kick it on sand or grass where shoes are more of an inconvenience. Technically speaking, we should go barefoot more often as it exercises all kinds of muscles all over the body and spine that wearing shoes prevents. Also, when our bare feet touch the ground we connect more with the earth and receive lots of energy stuff that again, shoes prevent.

If you’re into that kinda thing, which I am...

Another downside to stalling is muscle memory. While working the moves you are going thru repeat patterns of the muscles doing the same thing over and over again. It can be very frustrating when learning how to play if you keep on dropping the hack will trying to learn even the simplest of stall moves. When you let go of the stalling process, you can flow with the hack. Rather than trying to control it, you are flowing with it. This allows even the very first play time to be fun and easy.

And finally, perhaps the most important note on stalling, it blocks the social aspect of the game. I have been in many circles where it is going around and then a staller gets it and starts the dance. Inevitably the routine will come to an end when they drop the hack. Even when they are doing their dance, people are impressed (if they’re good at it) but everyone is just watching them do their stuff. I prefer to get the whole circle involved and working together to get the elusive “hack”; when everyone in the circle touches it. Then you can go for a double hack, triple, quad, etc.

Don’t get me wrong, I have many friends who are exceptional Stallers and might be bummed about my commentary. To them I say, no offense...

I just wanna Play!

Hackido vs. Hacky Sack™