HACKiDO was birthed on the island of Kaua`i in 2009.

Of all of the places that I have had the honor to visit, this island is the most magical! As the oldest and fourth largest of the main Hawaiian group, Kaua`i’s energy has settled in enveloping its inhabitance with warm fuzziness. The island surfaced about 5.1 million years ago and Polynesians settled here about 2000 years ago. Rumor has it the Menehune had already established a civilization here when the new arrivals landed. The island was never conquered as the Polynesian ruler Kaumulai`i voluntarily joined the Hawaiian kingdom in 1810 to avoid bloodshed.

The lawful government of Hawai`i was overthrown in 1893 when Queen Lili`uokalani was removed from power by a coup d’etat devised by a group of wealthy landowners advocating annexation to the United States.

They were aided by the U.S. foreign minister to Hawai`i

and a detachment of heavily armed Marines who put the queen under house arrest and "strongly encouraged" her to sign over Hawaii to the U.S. for the benefit of her people and their safety.

The people of Hawai`i warmly welcome an apology from the United States

and a reinstatement of the lawful Kingdom -

and a game of Hack!

Da Island