Besides my obvious obsession with Hack, there is one other form of Play that I am super excited about, Juggling. I was first intro’d to juggling while traveling with some Danish friends in Indonesia. I went back to stay with them in Denmark during the winter. Lots of juggling to do when it is freakin' cold outside, let me tell you!

Juggling is something that every child should learn. I know, that’s a bold statement...

I will stand by my crazy belief that if all of us humans learned three things while growing into our bodies, the world would be a totally different place; Juggling, Hack and Massage! Can you imagine? We would know our bodies so well we would never get sick, injured or... bored!

Anyway, this is just one of my many dreams of a world of peace.

Juggling is just another way to Play by yourself or in front of others.

It will remind them that, yes indeed, it is good to Play!

And it's still legal!

Do not Try... Do-Do

it tastes like sheet!

MisterM... Juggling in 30 minutes!