Optimizing your PlaySuit

Here you will find the best of what I have learned about keeping your body in top shape. The foundation of good health comes from what we put into our bodies, that is the first step. I am not fanatical about what to eat; I have been a vegetarian, went completely raw for awhile, switched to paleo, even checked into breatharian stuff, I mostly just bless the love into everything I put into my fleshsuit now. However, if you have succumbed to the poisoning that our profit over people system purposefully perpetuates changing your diet will be the biggest hurdle on the path to regaining your health. Please take it easy doing the following routines; know when to push yourself, know when to stop. Start your mindset by knowing that you are supposed to be healthy, eat healthy, think healthy, make... make yourself healthy again… AND PLAY!!!

Legal mumbo jumbo

I do not make any claims to the health benefits of anything I promote, as apparently I do not have the paperwork to do so. My recommendations for gaining and maintaining optimal health come from my personal experience and awareness of my own body. So be it…

Funomenal Facial

How do you wake up your face? This is a finely layered cake of deliciousness, taking different parts from many influences to put together the best facial... ever! (at least from my perspective). Take a few moments to try this out in the morning one time and feel the difference it brings to your day. Once you realize what this does for your being, you'll see why it makes the list. Hope you injoy this extraordinarily fun and efficient way to put a smile on your face!

Dawn Dragon

Honestly, this is truly one of the most amazing exercises I have explored. Originating from the East, Dawn Dragon is kinda/very/exactly similar to a Daun Hak training form, Dr. Ilchi Lee's "Brain Respiration"; transformative tools for awakening your brain! Cultish... yes...? Still... the practices, extraordinary! These patterns follow along your energy channels awakening all levels of your entire human body. You are in control, pound away to your comfort level, increase appropriately. Feel how good it is to beat the crap out of yourself, literally!

Beat the Meatbody

Fast and efficient, this exercise is something I will usually do before Playing HACKi. It quickly will help align the spine as well as bring blood flow thru the core. The harder you hit, the better it actually is; you can't really swing your arms hard enough to hurt yourself (although I make no claims officially, every exercise must be done with care and consideration for the individual practitioner). Sending positive affirmations about your body while doing this is encouraged, of course. Sternum pounding and body bouncing are also pretty darn amazing things to do. Injoy the benefits of beating your meatbody!

Sunup & Sundown

Two ten minute exercises summed up into a quick instructional. The first, "The Cosmic Jiggle" done in the morning, is super easy to do, no stress, and does so much for you that it should be a no brainer. The second, "Unwinding" done at the end of the day, is a bit more of a challenge. The same time, 10 minutes, but you aren't just kicking it, it is mind over matter to complete the full time. I've only done the full 10 a few times over the years. If you can pull it off once, just to see what it feels like, it is worthy. I hope you take a moment to absorb these guys, as are all of these exercises, they are extraordinary!

Vacuum Breath

Sometimes called "Stomach Vacuum", it is important to focus on the breath after the exercise to keep it in control, not too deep and through the nose. This is an incredible exercise for working your entire core and toning up your stomach fast. Yes, it does take some time to get going in full swing, but if you're looking on a superior way to tone up your midsection, this is the perfect place to start. This technique definitely has earned its position on the workout hall of fame!