When I was a wee lad, I saw someone make an animal tip out of a dollar bill, I thought it was the coolest thing to do; the piece of art was excitedly received by the server. Later on, after starting the process of learning how to do my own folds, I discovered what an amazing brain exercise origami is. I started off exploring as many dollar bill folds as I could find and narrowing them down to my favorites. Creating the HACKiBill was necessary to change the power of the origami by putting some of my own “spells” into the paperwork. A friend recommended making a color fold that would work with a QR code, so the “fold by color” design peacock was created. This is the first…


This is the easiest fold I have come across and the finished product is quite beautiful. Please post your finished creation in front of your favorite place where you are at, a favorite restaurant, in front of a beautiful flower, or someplace creative to spread a little joy. Click the button below to download the pattern for you to print at home…

More HACKiAnimals will be added shortly so stay toonz!


These animals are truly the best of the best, from my perspective. The criteria for the creating the selection: the completed origami should resemble what they are representing, the folds must be easyish and the design must be able to stand on it's own; with the exception of the exhausted post-birth, male seahorse. I hope you enjoy these designs with the background showcasing some of the most ineffable vistas on Kaua'i.

Below, please find the printable HACKiBillz for your folding pleasure. The Pro Stencil is set up for Professional printing.



Simplistically beautiful



I remember my first…



Good Luck in Hawaiian!



The terror of Kaua’i…



Flutterby by



Oh yeah, this one’s hoppin’!






Take this one to the bank…



Polly wanna!



Get’s my approval!



This one is flippin’ cool!