Bill 3.png

Changing our debt currency to one of creativity!

HACKiBillz are the first Galactic currency universally accepted on Earth. They are a non-debt based exchange note helping to encourage us to move from a slave society to a creative, art based one. Changing the subtle spells woven into the American Dollar, each Bill has been lovingly produced to empower us. Learn how to create magic with folding up your own Billz and see how much more they are worth to people; the return on the investment is off the charts.


Quick to print, the dialed down practice stencil is set up ready to print from a home printer. Start with the peacock, advance down the whole line up of HACKiBillz if so inclined.

Here is a video for the easiest one I know, the Peacock or Pikake. Amazing design for inspiring people. It can be done with a regular dollar, however, HACKiBillz make longer lasting art, especially where it is humid like here on the islands. YouTube search "HACKiBill" for the full lineup of the best animals I have come across in my years of research into impressing. Injoy!!!

Post your creations #HACKiBill

The Pro Stencil is one you should get printed up with nice paper, not too thick, crisp! Set up for professional printing.



Post your creations! Put a HACKiBIll at the table of a restaurant you recommend, in front of a monument, a beautiful nature scene, have fun with modeling your art...