What is HACKiDO?

Simply put, HACKiDO is the Path of Play(verb); the HACKiDO is a self-made Ultimate Play Tool(noun) that can be utilized in infinite ways to proliferate jolification. Although I actively promote HACKing/Footbag and Juggling as two staples for exercise and fun, the HACKiDO brings about endless ways to explore your Playfilled self. Throwing and catching back and forth, target practice something, bowling, use your imagination; I have even heard reports of couples “beaning” each other, replacing therapy sessions*. The hemp filled bag does not cause any permanent damage! Run around and throw HACKiDOs at each other with a group of friends and feel your adrenaline rush, primal fun! Even solo, a HACKiDO squeezed in the hand is an amazing stress release. Is it good for babies? Please... nothing better than a mommy made, hemp-filled, crazy amazing for teething (freeze if need be), non-plastic, love-enveloped, build neurons, dexterity and sensory receptors for cute little hands . . . toy!** By creating your own, you are not attached to something you had to buy in a store or that was made in another part of the world. Share them with others and spread the joy of Play. 

* When miscommunication happens, the non-hurtfilled hemp seed HACKiDO is grabbed and the challenge, “Let’s go bean this out!”, “It’s bean time!”, “Bean On!”, or your own custom battle cry is vocalized and space is made. The couple will stand approximately 10-15 feet, 3-5 meters from each other and face off. They will then start take turns throwing the HACKiDO at each other with 100% effort and enthusiasm (be aware of surroundings to not loose you UPT). The recipient may catch the bean, flinching is HIGHLY discouraged! The results? Quickly the frustrations turn to Play… “Amazing Catch!”, “Wow! Nice Throw!!!”, you recognize that you are, and always have been, on the same team. The recommunication happens... PLAY ON!!!

** Made by mommy’s loving hands, this simple Tool will become your babies bestie! The hard shell hemp seeds can be frozen for tough teething times, the pressure will help relieve gum pain and intuitive micro teeth manipulate can happen. Squeezing the soft and durable HACKiDO will encourage neuron connections and micro muscle growth. Soon the UPT can be thrown and learned to catch with minimal risk of injury developing hand-eye coordination. Jump into juggling and Kicking it around continuing the evolution of your own UPT through all of the stages encapsulating the human experience…