the Path of Play

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The mission is to share the Word of Play! We must change our world from one of violence against all life and transform it into a Playground, as intended. Above all, we must overcome our inherited tendency towards aggression. The history books have been written by the victors whom, as it turns out, are not the best examples of how to love each other and accept another's perspective on how to live life. We know nothing of our past beyond what our unconscious society has deemed worthy to share with us. We are amazing beings until we believe the belittling of others which is part of the training of a dog-eat-dog culture. Intolerance, prejudice, ignorance are old school rules that no longer serve us; the time to change the paradigm is now. We need to Play together again, get away from our screens, breath fresh air (hopefully!), and connect. Let's shed our dependency on fear, transform violence into Play and weapons into HACKiDOs!


What is HACKiDO?

Simply put, HACKiDO is the Path of Play; the HACKiDO is a self-made Ultimate Play Tool that can be utilized in infinite ways to proliferate Play. Although I actively promote HACKing/Footbag and Juggling as two staples for exercise and fun, the HACKiDO brings about endless ways to explore your Playfilled self. Throwing and catching back and forth, target practice something, bowling, use your imagination; I have even heard reports of couples beaning each other for therapy! Do it with a group of friends and feel your adrenaline rush, so fun! Even solo, a HACKiDO squeezed in the hand is an amazing stress release. Is it good for babies? Please... nothing better than a mommy made, hemp-filled, crazy amazing for teething (freeze if need be), non-plastic, love-enveloped, build neurons, dexterity and sensory receptors for cute little hands . . . toy! By creating your own, you are not attached to something you had to buy in a store, you can share them with others and spread the joy of Play. 



Post your HACKiDO play! A beautiful location with your self-made Ultimate Play Tool and a landmark background. Friends kicking, throwing it around, juggling, short fun videos! And PLEASE, if you downloaded the stencil to do your own beautiful design, post the finished product; we need to share the creative possibilities. 


3 Commandments of HACKing



When Playing HACKi, touching it with the hands is highly discouraged. Usually, any hack that can be touched by the arms can be playable by the feet or legs. The definition preferred by HACKiDO: the palms are red territory (not allowed), inside arms are orange (questionable), outside hands and outside arms are yellow (tolerable). It should be a pretty spectacular move to allow even a yellow touch to fly. When an unintentional occurs the group agreement will determine whether or not a foul was committed.


If the hack is no longer in motion it is considered unplayable. The hack can then be picked up with the hand, however, the first throw is a serve to another player. Trick serves are permitted, where a hack is kicked into the circle, only if it is not dropped from the hand. If, however, the server is keeping the hack for a few kicks and not trying to serve it to another Playah they may be in violation of rule #2, group determination.


This is a big one! There is much controversy over this decree. For clarification; it is not the word that matters, it is the vibration. Slang or foreign words that have the same intention as β€œsorry” are included under this edict. If the meaning is an apology or an admittance of doing something β€œwrong”, you are guilty! – ahhh the paradox!


To put it simply, the punishment is a bean. The accuser who calls the offense is entitled to throw the hack at the offender. The guilty party must stand facing the punisher eyes open, hands down to the side and legs slightly spread apart, more ballsy!  Flinching, turning, or running away is not permitted due to potential loss of hack or causing a misguided throw that flinching can cause. On the surface this may seem an arbitrary punishment, however, training the brain to overcome the fight or flight instinct and find neutral is a rewarding experience.


I recently talked over the punishment part of hack with a Playah who was sharing it in a school environment. The bean thing is just not tolerated in our school system. I get it, but it also shows how disconnected we have come from compassion on one end and how silly we have become about "protecting" our children on the other. I still am a firm believer in the rules of Play, but if the beaning part is too much, it is not necessary (a good scolding is sufficient), and does not detract from the Play.



Another slight punishment adjustment is not forcing it. In fairness, if someone does not want to experience the bean, they have the option of receiving three warnings. If they witness a beaning and recognize the benefits, they can request to receive their penance prior to the third warning. If corrections to the behavior have not adjusted after the third warning, however, the punishment must be received to balance out the spirit of Play.



It is my belief that Juggling is simply the best exercise you can do for your brain. Research has shown that the process grows white as well as grey matter in the cranium (Does juggling exercise your brain?; Jeff Harder). The crossing of the left and right hemispheres while simultaneously catching and throwing sets your neurons on fire! It puts your brain in a focused but relaxed state, a meditaion if you will. I am not convinced learning how to do more balls is necessary to gain more connections, maybe they fire faster. My observation is that the more tricks you do, the more patterns, the more the neurons grow and stretch to reach other areas; the brain responds by creating more connections.

Juggling is something that every child should learn. I know, that’s a bold statement. I will stand by my crazy belief that if all of us humans learned three things while growing into our bodies, the world would be a totally different place; Juggling, Hack and Massage with breathwork! Can you imagine? We would know our bodies so well we would never get sick, injured or... bored!

Another benefit to juggling is the amazement that it brings to people. Children especially are mesmerized with the show, while the less jaded adults will give a nod or word of approval. I have been in many situations where pulling out my balls and playing with them changed the mood of the scene (yes, i did). Honestly though, juggling seems to bring out the "everything is okay" feeling in people; the more jugglers we have the more at peace our world will be.

The internet has choke tutorials on new tricks to add to your PlayBook...