Expand the Playground


I will be traveling to various locations and inviting people to Play. Reaching out to schools, organizations, retreat centers, etc. basically anyone who who can grasp the magnitude of the mission and wish to experience the Way of Play from Zander's perspective. Future plans and Goals will be added and updated here if you care to follow along. If you are along the Path and wish to join in, I will be updating my Playtimes along the Tours with the HACKiDO app. If you have a recommendation, it would be warmly received. If you wish to help fund the trip, your contribution is infinitely reciprocated with appreciation. 


Returning, once again...

I will be locking dates soon and updating here. The Path of this trip will be visiting Family and Friends in Nederlands, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, possibly to Russia with Aloha! The Goal is to visit the schools of Finland who are famous for honoring our children and taking the work out of schooling. The results are extraordinary... Happy, unstressed youngins?


Wedding Day

September in Turkey for a cousin's wedding, so it looks like I will try to head to Northern Europe pre or post the "i do"s. Waiting for the path to unfold as need be.