While we have been stagnant with an educational system that should have been updated when horse and buggy became obsolete, MindValley has gathered some of the world's most extraordinary teachers and forward thinkers to help revolutionize humanity.

If you are a self-improvement seeker or just want to upgrade your programming, MindValley might be just what you have been waiting for.

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Questioning the modern version of mainstream Yoga, Michaelle's evolution focuses on aligning the body while lengthening and strengthening. Having been first introduced to Yoga in 1997 and practicing ever since, i am now a disciple only preaching YogAlign. I would strongly encourage both Yoga students and instructors to check out what YogAlign has to offer, please... 



Once an Ambassador, always an Ambassador. Although no longer actively working with the company, KateFarms' superior nutrition and deliciousness is worthy to share! 

Kate is, after all, my niece...

A meal replacement shake with "all good things".




Barefoot is the best for your entire body, working the muscles from the tips of your toes to the top of your head and everything in between. If shoes are required to Play, you can bet i am wearing VivoBareFoot!

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Direct from the Farmacy to your body, masterfully crafted legendary healing tools. Everything is done on their farm with aloha as the main ingredient. As with all of the recommendationz, life transformative!



Here are a pair of Bongers i was gifted from a massage client at Reggae On The Rocks back in 2000, he had made them the night before. I travelled with these in my backpack for a number of years. Walking into a Hostel and yell, "anyone want any bong hits!" made me lots of friends rather easily.

Fun to give, Amazing to receive... best, most efficient, body work tool... ever!



At the risk of sounding a bit tooo egocentric, ZANDERARTZ, beautifilled stuff; he is an amazingly talented, warm-hearted, wyrdly wonderful, playfool being with a contagious smile... or something like that... he'z surprisingly humble ta boot! Transforming drawings of nature and/or man made stuff into bookmarkz, postcardz, tshirtz, mugz... you name it, HE CAN DO IT!