I had just finished working at NBC, one of the four horsemen that had transformed full screen credits into a new format that kept 2/3 of the screen available for entertainment. At the time I thought it would be a good idea to get rid of my “stuff”, put some clothing into a backpack and head out to discover the world. It was then, back in 1995, when I was gifted a Footbag from my first HackGuru who gave me the instructions, "Keep this in your pocket, it will be the best gift anyone will ever give you". I did not realize how profound of a statement that was, but after saying our goodbyes, I did as instructed. My first flight out of the USA was delayed for a few hours and I felt the bulge in my pocket that needed to be played with; so I went to a corner, whipped it out and started playing with myself, yes indeed . . . Soon, I had someone from the flight come over and we started to play together. Two strangers became fast friends injoying the world's only non-violent, cooperative competition game; we barely made the final boarding call, running and laughing to the gate. From then on, anywhere I went, I could make a friend just by playing. I lost my footbag somewhere in Thailand, so I had to learn how to make my own and this skill opened up the opportunity to gift others the Ultimate Play Tool. Along the journey I travelled to over 50 countries, studied the healing arts of various cultures, and experienced the way that they Play together. Regardless of where I was, I could always pull out my HACKiDO and people would join in, recognizing the joy and simplicity of the world's best trainer for the physical, social, mental and spiritual body. Kicking around a moving ball is a martial art as well as dance that is a low impact, maximum stretching while strengthening exercise. Wonderfully, you don't even realize how much you're doing for your total well being because it is just so much fun! Today I share my passion for Play and teach others how to make their very own Ultimate Play Tool believing that our true state is one of Play. This simple Tool can inspire others to forget the nonsense that dulls our senses and drowns us in fear.

We are better than this... PlayTime is NOW!

Zander; face the facts


Back in 2010 while doing experimental facescaping, Zander came across the "half 'n half" which lead into a fit of self-laughter. Driven by the desire to spread warm fuzziness, he was prompted to wear his newly acquired style into Hanalei Town. Walking around inspired others to join in the merriment thus changing their day and potentially their lives. Recognizing that this simple jester could change so much so easily, Zander agreed to continue to display his facial art. He made a deal with himself, the day that he went out in public and did not receive the good vibes, he would shave it clean. So far, it has held up its end of the deal and promoted jollification everywhere. Opening up many doors, the face-do lets people know that Zander does not take himself too seriously.