For the Play of it


Play = Happiness

Whether it is training our children, motivating our playforce, or redirecting our stresses, opening up the Play options will increase the sum happiness on a global scale. Allow me the opportunity to share the reasons for our fundamental purpose and the tools to integrate a continual state of Play mentally and physically.

Happy Humans = Happy World

Why Play?

What is Play and why is it so important?

Although Play comes in many forms, the unfiltered, spontaneous creativity flow of a child's mind is the optimal state. Igniting our brain, the bodies senses are heightened as the ability to absorb information increases exponentially. Whether sponging up information or handling project driven goals, the Playfilled brain can adapt to finding the optimal path to achieving any objective.

What separates mankind from other species?

Fortunately, Play is not one of the traits that separates mankind from other species; from what we can observe all life Plays. Humans do have an amazing ability to radiate and stay in a playful state for an extended period time, even continually. That, and opposable thumbs separate us; but only if you exclude monkeys and apes from the “other species” list and define thumbs as only hands excluding feet thumbs, which other creatures have.

What is the Play instinct and its significance?

The Play instinct is our need to enjoy our experience. This drive is not limited to children nor even to mankind. In nature we can discover many examples of usually hostile species finding ways to Play with each other; predator and prey become Playmates when the magical vibe is communicated. Even the Hunger drive will be overridden by the Play instinct if the right signals are shared.

What does the Play state do for the brain?

There is a growing list of scientific research that is showing how significant the Play state is for proper brain functioning. Most of the hard data is coming from the research done on other species, however, it is easy to extrapolate the results into humans. The brain becomes relaxed as well as focused. Having the ability to absorb more when the brain is less stressed, playing brings the whole being into a calm, safe place where the brain signals are functioning optimally.  

Why children love to Play?

Simply put, Play is our most comfortable state; children naturally want to stay in their comfort zone. We feel safe... the child in all of us wants to Play and feel the joy it brings.

What are they trying to teach us?

The world needs Play more than ever. We need to retrain ourselves and dismiss the fear-based control system that we have inherited. We don't need to be stressed out about all aspects of life. Humans are amazing creatures and the rest of the life on the planet would appreciate if we could get on board and realize that we do not need to be at war with anything; it's time to Play!


Play is a natural instinct, children express this state until that instinct is shut down. Our children need to be Free to Play…