Play Preacher

An incentive to learn how to construct a HACKiDO is all that is needed. Making one is relatively easy and once  you have completed one, two is easier, then on to three when the wonder world of juggling can become part of your repertoire.

As a representative your mission is to encourage Play carrying a HACKiDO with you whenever possible. Discover your magic and infinite jollyfilled-self with your Ultimate Play Tool, share with others, have fun!

If you are kicking around your HACKiDO be a benevolent Hackler when encouraging others to joi'n dah Play. You are encouraged to express your Playfullness with respect, remind others that Play is our Fundamental purpose. To accomplish this goal, there is a covenant that must be honored.

While Playing it is perfectly acceptable to “Hackle” others into the Play via verbal and gestural encouragement. As a general rule, when kicking the HACKiDO around I will hackle humans over the age of 13 pretty severely, that is the average age for advanced muscle coordination without frustration. I will encourage younglings of age 10 and up to join, forcefullyish if they feel athletically inclined. Under 10 years of age, patience becomes a factor in the challenge to maintain focus. If someone younger than 10 wishes to joi'n they are encouraged to Play in the circle for a moment, however, often I will give them a HACKiDO and recommend that they Play in a safer zone. If they do, they will quickly adapt to being extraordinary Playahs. The reward vs. risk of having youngin's in the kicking area just don't add up, infinite ways to Play with the UPT... be age appropriate please and keep your innerchild delighted ;)

Of course the most important guideline in Hackling, as in life, do unto others as you would have done unto yourself. 

In other words, keep it fun & keep it clean-ish!

The steps along the path of Play are easy to take. One becomes a Fool of Play by being gifted a HACKiDO. A Disciple of Play learns the creation of the HACKiDO and carries one or more with them. A Minister of Play has completed the initial training of creating 3 HACKiDOs and has begun acquiring the skill of juggling. A Reverend of Play reminds others to Play as much as possible through their actions and deeds gifting HACKiDOs to others who joi'n dah Play. A completed Fool of Play radiates jollification, proliferating Play and instructing others on creation of the HACKiDO! 

 Ambassadors of Play promote the benefits of Play to all who will embrace the simplistically profound wisdom...