I can't tell you how many times people have said to me, “I wish I could juggle, is it hard to learn?”. Yes, it is... harder than many things that you could pick up? No, not really. Learning the basic cascade takes some focus and effort, however, comparatively speaking it is pretty simple with just a little patience and motivation. Below you will find a video that shows three easy tricks that you can do with one ball to set your brain up for success. Honestly, juggling is challenging and inevitably your balls will drop, especially if you're a male! If you truly want to give yourself an amazingly fun skill and exercise your brain, juggling can be accomplished relatively fast and the rewards are extraordinary!!!


Ultimate Brain Exercise

It is my belief that Juggling is simply the best exercise you can do for your brain, nothing comes close imh(umblish)o. As they are discovering more about the brain and how it functions, they are recognizing how much juggling strengthens brain communication. Research has shown that the process grows white as well as grey matter in the cranium (Does juggling exercise your brain?; Jeff Harder). The crossing of the left and right hemispheres while simultaneously catching and throwing sets your neurons on fire! It puts your brain in a focused but relaxed state, a meditaion if you will. The more tricks you do, the more patterns, the more the neurons grow and stretch to reach other areas; the brain responds by creating more connections. It can get frustrating for sure, just hang in there and you will achieve your goal. The younger you start the quicker new adaptations will be absorbed, however, this wondrous brain exercise is extraordinary for any age.

These exercises build upon each other to set up the neurons connections to complete the basic three ball "cascade". Give it an honest 30 minutes of effort and you will be well rewarded. Get comfortable enough in each step to do 10 catches without dropping before moving on. Try not to get too frustrated, it is definitely challenging, AND... you've got this!

Juggling is something that every child should learn. I know, that’s a bold statement. I will stand by my crazy belief that if all of us humans learned three things while growing into our bodies, the world would be a totally different place; Juggling, Hacki and Massage with breathwork! Can you imagine? We would all know our bodies so well we would never get sick, injured or... bored!

Another benefit to juggling is the amazement that it brings to people. Children are especially mesmerized with the show, while the less jaded adults will give a nod or word of approval. I have been in many situations where pulling out my balls and playing with them changed the mood of the scene (yes, i did;). Honestly though, juggling seems to bring out the "everything is okay" feeling in people; the more jugglers we have the more at peace our world will be, there is a statistic somewhere to validate that statement!

BONUS: The internet has choke tutorials on new tricks to add to your PlayBook, immeasurable self-entertainment!